R 3.6.3 ist da!

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R 3.6.3 ist da!

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3.6.3 "Holding the Windsock" (source version) has been released
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Re: R 3.6.3 ist da!

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Fast keine Änderungen - https://cran.r-project.org/doc/manuals/ ... /NEWS.html
[R logo] CHANGES IN R 3.6.3
The included LAPACK has been updated to version 3.9.0 (for the included routines, just bug fixes).

Fixed a C level integer overflow in rhyper(); reported by Benjamin Tyner in PR#17694.

Uses of url(gzcon(.)) needing to extend buffer size have failed (with HTTP/2 servers), reported by Gábor Csárdi.

predict(loess(..), se=TRUE) now errors out (instead of seg.faulting etc) for large sample sizes, thanks to a report and patch by Benjamin Tyner in PR#17121.

tools:assertCondition(., "error") and hence assertError() no longer return errors twice (invisibly).

update(form, new) in the case of a long new formula sometimes wrongly eliminated the intercept from form, or (more rarely) added a garbage term (or seg.faulted !); the fix happened by simplifying the C-level logic of terms.formula(). Reported by Mathias Ambühl in PR#16326.

The error message from stopifnot(.., <error producing call>) again contains the full "stopifnot(.......)" call: Its attempted suppression did not work consistently.

On Windows, download.file(., , "wininet", headers=character()) would fail; reported with patch proposal by Kevin Ushey in PR#17710.
Da bin ich eher auf R 4.0.0 gespannt :)
Bitte immer ein reproduzierbares Minimalbeispiel angeben. Meinungen gehören mir und geben nicht die meines Brötchengebers wieder.

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